Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Day at a Time...

It's rare that I write about my recovery. Over the last few weeks, however, it's come to the forefront for various reason; an unexpected craving that I've not experienced in quite some time. An acquaintance going back out to try some "controlled drinking" again with catastrophic results. And so I've hit a few meetings, and am planning on staying closer to the program for the time being. Seems I've been forgetting to "keep things in today"; either living in the past or dreaming about the future instead of paying attention to the only thing that actually matters.


When I forget the now is when I tend to get into trouble with my recovery.

So today, I'm simply going to post these recovery links, 12-step and non, to any all all who might read this. If you're drinking/drugging/hurting, want to stop, and don't know how...PLEASE follow these links and call these numbers. Help is out there and you don't HAVE to feel this way anymore. God Bless You.

Alcoholics Anonymous Worldwide Services
Narcotics Anonymous Worldwide Services
The Calix Society Catholic spiritual fellowship to enhance AA
Pioneer Total Abstinence Association Irish prayer society, "taking the pledge"
Smart Recovery Secular recovery program
Rational Recovery Secular recovery program
The Addiction Recovery Guide Catch-all addiction recovery reseources

If you've found something else that works by all means go for it! And contact me if you need fellowship...been there, done that, still need it myself!

Memorial of St. John of the Cross
Daily Mass Readings
Isaiah 45:6c-8,18,21c-25
Psalms 85:9-14
Luke 7:18b-23


  1. Here's another - Matt Talbot Retreats for Recovering Alcoholics

  2. Where there is Strength there is Beauty and where there is Beauty there is Strength.
    Right here, right now your Beautiful Strength that you have within you is shinning out for all to see.
    I'm sorry I do not have anything to share that would help but prayers are with you and I would like to say I admire you and how you help others who might need to know that being human is OK and knowing sometimes you have to relearn what you already know is not a weakness but only adds to one's Strength of self.

  3. Thank you Beth...sharing your thoughts helpes immensely, so no apologies are necessary.

  4. Hello Tommy! Here's another one that may be a source of valuable tips to you --

    Anyhow, it's totally normal to relapse. Just hold on to whatever treatment or strategy that works best for you. Good luck and keep praying for guidance.