Friday, March 23, 2012

Who gets in and who doesn't???

I don't remember where I saw this today, but it got me thinking about what it takes for a soul to find Heaven.

"It was time for the final judgement and all the souls were gathered at the gates of heaven. All of a sudden, a murmur rose up among the souls as folks were saying, "There is a rumor that God is going to forgive EVERYONE!" Some souls were saying, 'That isn't fair, I worked my whole life to obey the commandments!' Others muttered 'He can't do that, I gave up so much to do the right things!' While others complained, 'I went to church every Sunday, this is wrong!'

At that very moment, all the complainers were denied admission to heaven, for LOVE had appeared and they REFUSED to accept it

Reminded me that the Church (COMMUNITY) is a hospital for sinners not a country club for the righteous or a museum for saints...

Friday of the Fourth Week of Lent
Daily Mass Readings
Wisdom 2:1a,12-22
Psalm 34:17-21,23
John 7:1-2,10,25-30


  1. Definietly something to think about. I hate to but I would think that, too but knowing its about saving who we can. Newcomers welcome.

  2. Reminds of my grandmother. She would say of someone that she was "not always as kind as she could be." Kindness, the outward face of goodness, is what builds a community and makes a society work.

  3. A little behind on my reading but this gave me goose bumps reading. Thank you for the reminder that Love truly is something that has more power than we may put stock in but it is Love that will get us through (The Gates or in Life) :o)