Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Supper of the Lord

Thank you God for this day.

It happened again, first time in ages. It was one of those moments where I felt infinitely close to God.

Me and the boys were at Mass today. It was your typical Sunday Mass, with about a third of the congregation STILL saying the words to the old missal (whether this is accidental, born of a spirit of protest, or a bit of both, I'm unsure.) Deacon Jim's homily was a dry explanation of the day's readings and Gospel; HE even yawned widely while he preached. That kind of Mass.

After the Consecration when we were going up to receive, the cantor and organist started softly playing the hymn, The Supper of the Lord. It's a beautiful little hymn, but nothing out of the ordinary; it's a typical Communion hymn.

Precious body, Precious Blood here in bread and wine.
Here the Lord prepares the feast divine.
Bread of Love is broken now; Cup of Life is poured.
Come, share the Supper of the Lord.

And when I got back to our pew and these lyrics sank in, I felt such an overwhelming sense of warmth, of comfort, of peace. It was like fragrant warm water rushing over me. I felt the congregation in solidarity with my family, all going to share in our Sacred Meal together. From all walks of life, backgrounds, financial brackets, and political affliations, THIS IS CHURCH is the message the pounded in the blood of my heart. Goosebumps and what likely looked like a pretty silly grin on my were the only outward signs of this. It was pretty amazing to me, all the same!

The very essence of our faith...for me it is contained, right there in that verse from the hymnal. It's what makes me a Catholic Christian, and comforts me when I'm almost in despair, of any number of things; sharing the Supper of the Lord with the Body of Christ, His Church. I'm so glad to have my faith today!

First Sunday of Lent
Daily Mass Readings
Genesis 9:8-15
Psalm 25:4-9
1 Peter 3:18-22
Mark 1:12-15

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  1. Wonderful - that is just how it is, isn't it? Do you recall Ian Morgan Cron's account (in his Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me) of his first Communion? Your post reminds me of that, very closely! Thank you!