Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Brother's Keeper

It's funny...Haiti's devastating earthquake rarely makes the news anymore. The country is just as leveled, her people just as impoverished, her basics for living still virtually nonexistent. But now that the "sexiness" of the actual devastation has passed ('if it bleeds, it leads'), the media has all but dismissed this as old news.

Who will provide the materials for the people of Haiti to get back on their feet? With such devastation as this, where can you even begin???

The Knights of Columbus have pledged to provide every child in Haiti who lost a limb in the earthquake with prosthetics and physical therapy. The Supreme Council is has already provided over 1,000 wheelchairs, with plans for at least a thousand more.
The Board of Directors of the Knights of Columbus approved a resolution last weekend that commits the organization to providing prosthetic limbs and therapy over the next two years for all the approximately 800 children who lost an arm or leg in the earthquake. The estimated cost of providing the prosthetic limbs and therapy is $1 million.

No, this certainly doesn't solve the devastating situation Haiti is currently in. But to provide these essentials - the basic freedom of movement - is enormous. We, all of us, are our brother's keeper.

Things like this make me truly proud to be a Knight of Columbus; the main reason I joined in the first place.

Daily Mass Readings
Ezekial 1:2-5,24-28
Psalm 148:1,2,11-14
Matthew 17:22-27

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