Thursday, June 17, 2010

There's something in my eye...

This is a beautiful Gaelic song by Maria McCool. It will bring a lump to your throat and a tear to your eye. Is She a dream? Has She been there all along?

THANK YOU for sharing this, Mother Cait!
Areir 's me tearnnamh ar neoin
Ar a' dtaobh eile 'en teora seo thios
Do thaobhnaigh an speirbhean im chomhair
Dfhaig taomanac, breote, lag tinn
...Le haon ghean da mein is da clo
Da breithre 's da beol tanai binn
Do leimeas fe dhein dul 'na treo
Is ar Eireann ni neosainn ce hi.

Oh last night in strange fields as I roamed
Such a vision I passed on my way
A young woman so fair to behold
That in seconds my heart was astray
Oh she reached out a welcoming hand
But I knew that it never could be
And before I could kiss her sweet lips
She had vanished forever from me


Daily Mass Readings
Sirach 48:1-14
Psalm 97:1-7
Matthew 6:7-15

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